We invest our resources in things that directly impact our ability to add value to client projects (e.g., new systems to collect data and report it efficiently, state-of-the-art analytical software, hiring experienced people).  We don't have an expensive headquarters building that adds to the cost of client projects.

We also don’t have multiple layers of management or employees who are evaluated on how many hours they can charge to a job.  At GRP, our people are judged by the quality of their work, and the happiness of their clients.

When we quote a price for a research project, it’s based on our true “out of pocket” costs for executing high quality research, plus a reasonable profit margin. With GRP, you can buy the same quality as the “big guys,” but you don’t have to pay extra to cover their multilayered management structure and expensive office space.

We believe strongly that our primary job is to provide our clients wih analytical insights that reduce the risk of business decisions. And along the way, to make our clients into “stars” within their own organizations.

Marketing Research is only as good as the people who design, manage, and analyze it. GRP is staffed with long term, experienced marketing research professionals. Individually and collectively, we have decades of experience applying and honing our skills across a broad spectrum of consumer goods and services, as well as business-to-business research. You would be hard pressed to name a marketing issue or topic we have not tackled, or a product or service category where we have not successfully applied our talents.

Global Research Partners

Quality. Value. Speed. Pick Three.

Quality = Experience + Insight

Value = No Bloat, No Bureaucracy, No Bull

Ever wondered why it takes so long to get your final report or presentation from some of the “Top 50” research firms?  It’s the same reason that the “experienced” people who sold you the project have long since disappeared, and the work is pushed down into the organization to be done by people with much less talent and experience, and thus much lower “hourly rates” (the rate per hour charged to clients). 

Our competitors don’t make money if their experienced people spend too much time on a job. So the job often gets delegated to junior, cheaper people who you will never see.

At GRP, we have a very simple solution to this problem: we don’t charge jobs on a “per hour” basis, so we have no incentive to push work down into the organization. Our incentives are based on making clients happy, so the senior, experienced people you meet at the beginning of the project – the GRP staff who understand your business needs – are hands on every step of the way to make sure you get what you need, when you need it.

Speed = Now!