Research Protocols

1) Determine the impact of the brand name on perceived value.
2) Determine the dollar differential in terms of “brand premium” or "brand discount" vs. competitors.
3) Quantify the degree to which core performance outcomes drive value perceptions.
PriceSet is a research technique developed by GRP to solicit consumer opinion about what prices they consider to be appropriate for a specific concept or product, and to simultaneously estimate overall consumer trial potential.
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GRP developed PowerLine to overcome limitations often seen with traditional TURF (Total Unduplicated Reach & Frequency) analysis for product line decisions.  While TURF focuses only on number of people "reached" by a product line, PowerLine takes a multidimensional approach and examines both breadth and depth of appeal for altenative product lines, in addition to other key diagnostics.
PowerLine is especially powerful when combined with output from conjoint or discrete choice modeling.  In this situation, there can literally be millions of potential product configurations, and tens of millions of alternative product lines/portfolios of various sizes.
Emotional reactions to brands or other marketing stimuli are often better measured with images than with traditional direct questionning.  GRP has developed and validated a set of photos that allow consumers to describe a brand with a non-verbal, visual approach that best taps into true inner feelings.
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DriveScore provides greater insight into the relationship between attribute performance and key outcome measures such as purchase intent, customer loyalty, share of purchases, etc.  DriveScore is used to determine if changes in attribute perception tend to generate more upside potential than downside risk, or vice versa.
A decade of research within the Hispanic communities of the U.S. has led GRP to the development of a superior model for segmenting Hispanics based on their level of acculturation into American society.  The "Crisol" (Melting Pot) model uses a time-tested set of experiences, attitudes, and behaviors to score individuals along a broad continuum of acculturation.

Global Research Partners

Quality. Value. Speed. Pick Three.
VALOR™ - Value Optimization Research, What Does "Value" Mean To Your Customers?
PriceSet™ - Setting Prices From Your Customers' Point-Of-View
PowerLine™ - Product Line Optimization Beyond TURF
EMOTIVE™ - Emotional Collaging, What Emotions Does Your Brand Evoke?
DriveScore™ - Discovering Potential Rewards (And Penalties) Of Changing Perceptions
Crisol™ (Melting Pot)- An Improved Approach to Hispanic Acculturation Scoring