Our People

Ray Barber - Founder and President
Drawing on 30 years of marketing research experience, Ray is an expert at helping clients define their research issues, and translate those issues into business objectives. He is passionate about translating research findings into clear, management-focused language and marketing recommendations. Ray founded Global Research Partners in 2000, after a 15 year career at Burke Marketing Research. He is an expert at Concept and Product Testing, Market Segmentation, Brand Equity Research, Pricing Research, and International Research. Ray received his MBA and BBA from the University of Texas at Austin.
Jim Roberts - Executive Vice President, Marketing Sciences
Jim brings 30+ years of marketing research experience to GRP's clients. He has worked on both the client and supplier sides of the MR industry, and prior to joing GRP served as Vice President/Senior Consultant at Burke, where he also chaired Burke's R&D Group and served on Burke's Board of Directors. Jim's expertise spans a broad spectrum of consumer and B2B research areas, including Brand Equity, Pricing Analysis, Segmentation, Choice Modeling, and Customer Loyalty. Jim received his MBA from The University of Texas at Austin and his BBA from Texas A&M University - Commerce.
Debra Morgan - Vice President, Project Management
Michelle Baker - Vice President, Project Management
Michelleís career spans more than 20 years. During this time, she has been responsible for every aspect of marketing research projects, including research design, project management, analysis and reporting. Michelle spent several years as an analyst in M/A/R/Cís Assessor new product forecasting group. Her industry experience includes packaged goods, telecommunications, utilities, high technology and health care. Michelle holds a BBA from The University of Texas at Arlington.
Ted McMillin - Senior Vice President, Account Executive
Ted has 20+ years experience in marketing research, encompassing advanced product development, custom research design, and new hybrid approaches. He creates customer-driven solutions utilizing an exceptional knowledge of consumer behavior and sound marketing strategy. His drive to deliver results that truly make an impact has enabled him to foster lasting partnerships with Fortune 500 clients. Ted has held senior executive positions with several leading market research firms including Burke and M/A/R/C. He also ran his own market research firm for 5+ years. Ted has an MBA from Texas A&M University and a B.B.A in Marketing from the University of Oklahoma.
Jennifer Walker - Research Analyst
Jennifer has 14 years experience delivering exceptional analytical reports to GRPís clients. She has designed data collection systems that integrate sales data with attitudinal survey data, for both simulated and live retail environments and manages the data collection and analysis processes for our SMARTLab studies. Jennifer holds an MS in Market Research (The University of Texas at Arlington), BS in Cognitive Science, and BA in Psychology (both from The University of Texas at Dallas).
Brian Baker - Research Analyst
Brian brings 20+ years of very high level analytical experience to the table for GRP clients. Over the course of Brianís career, he has served as a Biostatistician, Financial Analyst, and Data Mining Analyst. At GRP, Brian is responsible for identifying and applying appropriate statistical methods to client projects, including segmentation, choice modeling, and various forms of predictive and descriptive analytical techniques. He holds a BS in Economics from Virginia Tech, as well as MS in Statistics from Florida State University, and an MBA from Rollins College.
Patti Albright - Report Processing Director
Patti has over 30 years experience in marketing research, especially in the areas of data acquisition and data management and reporting. For over two decades of her career, Patti served at the manager level of report processing for Burke Marketing Research. At GRP, she is responsible for all phases of data management and report processing on selected projects, including quality control measures such as data cleaning, coding, editing, and the application of appropriate software packages for converting raw survey data into user-friendly data summaries and crosstabulations. Patti earned a BA in Psychology and an MBA from the University of Cincinnati.
Theresa provides expert support to all of GRPís staff in the preparation of final reports and presentations, using various presentation and graphics software packages. She has over 20 years marketing research experience.

Global Research Partners

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Debra began working for Global Research Partners in January of 2000 when Ray Barber founded the Company. She brings an extensive 30+ years of experience conducting qualitative and quantitative projects. While obtaining her BBA in Marketing from University of North Texas she discovered her passion for marketing research and began her career working part-time for M/A/R/C in their Dallas Phone Center.
Before joining GRP, Debra worked for both the client and supplier side of the industry. Her duties were widely spread among developing, coordinating, executing and managing qualitative and quantitative projects, as well as reporting the project findings.
Theresa Simmons - Report and Presentation Specialist
Phone: 972-851-7481
Email: tmcmillin@globalresearchpartners.com